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Discounts and Proof Rewards
Published on 12-01-2019

Hi ZimBuxers!

Zimbux is growing very fast and thank you so much for your support because this can not be possible without you dear users.
Please do share this opportunity with your friends.

We are offering membership discounts;

This offer is valid till 16th, Jan. 19

Payment Proof Posting Reward changes:
Share your payment proof at NBR and get = 100 Points
Post any possitive comment on NBR and get = 50 Points (Max 1 comment allowed per user in 24 hours)

NBR ZimBux Page= NBR 

However, no more reward points will be given for posting on EMS.

(For awarding point Please reply here with Proof Link after Posting your Payment proof in above mentioned forums)

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox


New Year Celebrations and Discounts
Published on 01-01-2019



Hi ZimBuxers!
Its been one an half month since we started our journey and we crossed 5000+ members on our project and Paid approx $900+. Thanks to all users who trust and support us so far. We will continue and try our best to build this trust on us in future.

Its new Year celebrations and everyone is curious to know what special gift is for me? So, how we can forget to announce something special for all of you.
Here is some Special Promo for you:

FREE Rented Referrals with Deposit:

1 Rented Referrals FREE for each dollar deposit (Minimum Deposit: $10 for this Pack)
Submit a ticket after deposit.

Offer is for Limited time.


Status= CLOSED

Happy New Year to All

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Important about PayPal Investors
Published on 29-12-2018

Hi ZimBuxers!

This an important note for PayPal Inevstors. As you know that our PayPal got limited last week. We asked PayPal users to file dispute. PayPal user are getting benefit from the money that they invested earlier but now they will get back through dispute. We didn't defend any single dispute. Our all PayPal funds are stuck there and investos get their money easily. But how is this possible that they get their money back through PayPal and also enjoy benefits from PayPal purchases in zimbux account.

There are two options for them:
First, PayPal investor should deposite money through other processor they want and we will deduct that balance because this will be counted as PayPal investment.

Second, we are giving time till 12th, Jan. 2019, after that we will will negative their balance equal to PayPal investment if they will not add any fund from alternative processor. 

Please keep in mind that No cashout request will be completed for PayPal user till their PayPal's deposit difference is adjusted.

If you don't want to add funds from other processor, send us ticket we will deduct your balance equal to PayPal add funds from today.

Sorry for this trouble because this is a big loss if PayPal investors get back their money and also enjoying accounts purchases for FREE. We hope you understand this.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Important announcement about Compensation
Published on 29-12-2018
Hi ZimBuxers!

As you all knows that past week are the bad week for us due to DDoS but now everything is get back to normal. Sorry for trouble
caused to you dear users. 

We have already credited 3 days extra earning in every user's account.

We are trying our best to serve you well but as you all knows this is an online business with no gurantee. Invest it at your own risk. We will try hard to strive for long term but there are ups and downs in every business. So, beware from this.

Also Read our terms carefully and if you are investing you are suppose to accepting all.

Success to all. 

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox
Important about DDoS and PayPal Issue
Published on 23-12-2018

Hi ZimBuxers!

First of all, we are very sorry for last days trouble due a massive DDoS attack on our site. We worked hard to tackle that situation and now situation is back to normal. However, still our Hosting and CloudFlare teams are continuously monitoring our web traffic so that they can control any further trouble. 

Now coming on point of Rented Referrals losing issue, that all users losses 1.5 days approx but we have extended all users RR's for 2 days.

Site is still giving some error during access as new DNS are not fully updated and also there will some trouble due DDoS protection layer and soon this will be fine.

About PayPal

We have some bad news for PayPa investors. We thankful to our members who trust us and wait for the site to back online but there are a fews user who Open dispute due to DDoS panic. We have managed very well in last days but now due to Claims our PayPal accounts got limited.
So, We are requesting all PayPal investor to open disputes and get back your money and invest from other processor in order to get withdrawal. We are sorry but somethings are beyond our control.

Success to all. 

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Important about AutoPay
Published on 20-12-2018

Hi ZimBuxers!

We try our best to resolve AutoPay issue but unfortunately we are unable to fix it. So Please all users immediately turn OFF AutoPay. Sorry for this trouble.

So, in order to compensate that we are giving 5% discount on 30 days Rented Referrals renewal. Previously it was 0%. 

So, good luck to all.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

1 Month Celebration & Discounts
Published on 17-12-2018

Hi ZimBuxers!

Today we are here for a Big achievement celebration. We have successfully completed our one month journey with you dear members.
We got more then 4000 users and paid more then $500 during the month. A big thanks to our respectable members. We are here to stay to built a great Paid to click community with your support and trust. 

Another success in just 30 days we got Top 5th Rank on NetbusinessRating.


We have added some features;

To celebrate this success we have some Big Advertising Discounts:

Offer is for limited time.

Success to all. 

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox


Deposit Bonus Promo
Published on 08-12-2018

Hi Zimbuxers!

First of all Thanks your so much for your support and trust that we received in past weeks. We are very happy with that and all credits to you Dear users.

During past week We have received a lot of requests about Deposit Bonus Promo. So,we decide to start our first Deposit bonus promo.

Deposit Bonus:

After you add fund send us a support ticket with deposit amount.
Bonus amount will be added manually within few hours.

This promotion starts now and expires in December 12th - 23:59 (server time)

Promo ended 

Success to all.

Thank you!
ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox


Published on 30-11-2018

Hi ZimBuxers,

Sorry for last days trouble that you guys face due to Rented Referrals clicks drop. Actually we changed some Referral's activity filter that effected the RR's Clicks. But dear users you don't need to worry about anything, we are offering FREE Recycling for all memberships and requesting users to please recycle ALL your Rented Referrals immediately and give them couple of days, your AVG will increase.

Good luck.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Change in DR's earnings
Published on 28-11-2018

Hi ZimBuxers,

We are growing very fast as you can see that more and more people are joying our community and we are paying to our members as early as possible (normally with in few hours). We will try to maintain this in future but we need a lot of support from your side. As most of the users want that they will get their investment back within no time but this strategy is not suitable for site stability. As we told you earlier that we are not here for few days or months but we want to STAY. And to maintain this we need a lot of changes not on user's cost but looking a mutual benefit for all the site and our members.

One thing that we think is important to share this with you guys that we got a lot of investment, simply we can say that more then our expectations. Thanks to investors and We don't want to let them down in near future.

So, a major change in Direct Referral's earnings is that we are decreasing to $0.0025/click for Silver members only. For all other memberships,
earning will be same as it was.

Good luck too all.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Payment Proof Reward and Cheaters
Published on 25-11-2018

Hi ZimBuxers,

We are growing very fast and we are thankfull to all of users who are honest and fair with us. We are also doing our best to make this earning platform good for all. Today, We are here with following points;

Payment Proof Posting Reward:
As you guys can see that we have paid some members but most of them are not sharing any payment proof in forum. We are not asking this for ourself but for site popularity. As more users share payment proof in our forum and other famous forums like EMS and NBR, the more users will join our team.

So, for now on, the following reward will be given for sharing Payment Proof.

(For awarding point Please reply here with Proof Link after Posting your Payment proof in above mentioned forums)

For Cheaters:
Sad but true, we are daily catching a lot of cheaters, making fake accounts under their accounts and they think that we are unaware of that. We have strong anti-cheat system installed and we are detecting them on daily basis. We will not suspend them for now but we will not process their payments and will not provide any service to them.

Some cheat logs on random dates.



We are here to stay!
Good luck.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox

Reaches 2000+ Members
Published on 23-11-2018

Hi Zimbuxers!

As you already read the title, today we reached over 2150 Members in just 6 Days of launch  and many user got paid with in 24 hours of request.
We are very happy and satisfied of this result and We want to say, ''Thank you so much, thank you for your trust and support''.

We have added more Earning Ways for you. Check our Offer walls page.

We want to mention here that we have a special promotion and forum activity bonus.
For Promotion and bonus details Click here. Link

Happy earnings to you all! 
Thank you for your support.

ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox


Some IMPORTANT Changes!
Published on 19-11-2018

Hi ZimBuxers!

First of all thanks to all usrs for support that we have crossed 1000+ Members in just 24 hours after launch. We are preparing some promotions for comming days. so Stay tuned.

Comming on point, We have made some changes in Rented Referrals clicks value as our current plan is not profitable for members and complex to understand. A lot of members complaint about this issue and asking to change this to these days traditional click value plan that is $0.001/Rented Referrals click. And we also think that its profitable and understandable for every user. We have changed the click value of Rented Referrals earnings according to new Plan. 

We hope that now every user will be satisfied and continue his/her journey with us.

Thank you



ZimTeam - GaGafunia and Onlinenbox

Launching ZimBux
Published on 18-11-2018

Hi Zimbuxers!

Who We Are?
First things first, We are two Team members GaGafunia and Onlinenbox behind ZimBux. As most of users familiar with our usernames, we both had experienced working in a lot of Paid to Click sites since last 8 years. We have learnt a lot of things on working with such sites. Now after a lot of search and analysis we decided to start our own Paid to Click Business. 

Launching ZimBux!
After a brief Introduction coming on point, We hereby warm Welcome to all of ZimBuxers on launch of ZimBux from today on 17-November 2018. Our main purpose is to provide an online Money Making and an Advertising place where users can get some extra cash and advertise their sites for promoting their Business.

What's Next!
We worked hard throughout in past few months in order to bring this stable and secure Paid to click model in-front of you guys. We have added Paid to click ads, ZimGrid and an Offer walls for earnings. And that's not all, If you members support us to continue business in excellent way we will add more earning methods soon. 

Let's Begin with some Discounts and Promotions!
On final words, You can start making extra money by viewing ads, referrals, upgrading your account. 
To celebrate the launch of ZimBux, we are offering Discounts on Upgrade starting today till 22th November, 2018.

For Members!

For Advertisers!

(For Purchasing Fixed Ads Please contact us via Support)

Ending this discussion, We are hereby requesting to all of you members to support us. We promise to continue this Platform as long as your honest and heartiest support is with us and we will never let you members down.
Let's built up a great Paid to Click community together. 
Success to all.

Thank you!
ZimTeam - GaGafunia-Onlinenbox